Experts Predict Elon Musk Will Be World’s First Trillionaire

Experts Predict Elon Musk Will Be World's First Trillionaire

( – Tesla and SpaceX head, Elon Musk, has been battling it out with Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, for the undisputed title of world’s richest individual for a while now. Late last month, Musk reclaimed it from Bezos after a rally in the price of Tesla stock. According to one wealth expert, financial experts expect Musk’s fortune to keep expanding.

Adam Jonas of Morgan Stanley recently wrote a note to investors claiming SpaceX, Elon Musk’s space exploration company, could end up making the entrepreneur a trillionaire. Financial analysts currently value the firm at around $100 billion, and Musk’s stake currently makes up 17% of his net worth.

Musk’s financial success so far has relied largely on Tesla. He still holds more than 20% of the car company’s shares. However, investors believe the future of SpaceX could catapult the South African-born polymath’s wealth to previously unseen levels.

Analysts point to the groundbreaking work SpaceX is doing, such as its development of Starlink, a high-speed satellite broadband internet system. Also, the company’s Starship space transport system, which remains under development in Boca Chica, TX, could change the way we bring humans and cargo from our planet into space. Flights to Mars might eventually use the technology.

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