Kamala Harris Has Some Tough Warnings Regarding Christmas

Kamala Harris Has Some Tough Warnings Regarding Christmas

(IntegrityMag.com) – The blooming supply chain crisis is quickly becoming the biggest thorn in the Biden administration’s side. Major ports are experiencing severe backlogs, with reports of container ships queuing on the water for extended periods, waiting to unload their cargo. Now, Vice President Kamala Harris is discussing the situation in terms even children might comprehend.

On Friday, November 12, speaking at a press conference in the wake of her official visit to Paris, France, the vice president said American parents were worried about the possibility Santa Claus might not make it to visit their children this Christmas. On a more direct note, she acknowledged concerns about the rising prices of essential goods, like bread and gas, while she recognized the difficulties in business in areas like the auto industry.

Closely tied to the massive supply chain disruptions is a months-long spike in inflation rates. Prices are rising at record rates, and people with the lowest incomes are the ones suffering the most. Some experts are warning the crisis will only get worse if the Biden administration persists in its massive spending objectives; yet, the president and most Congressional Democrats appear determined to press toward those goals regardless.

With the effects of inflation and supply chain disruptions, Harris probably isn’t the only person concerned about Christmas this year.

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