Putin Claims US Orchestrated Ukraine Coup

(IntegrityMag.com) – Relations between Russia and the US are dangerously tense. The Geneva summit between the presidents of each nation ended without producing any substantial progress on major issues. To make matters worse, some analysts say President Biden came across as weak, which could hurt our position in foreign policy struggles with other nations.

While there are advantages, for both sides, to a cordial US-Russia relationship, Russian President Vladimir Putin appears happy to continue provoking American leaders. In an op-ed published in German newspaper Die Zeit on Tuesday, June 22, Putin blamed America for the 2014 coup in Ukraine that unseated then-President Viktor Yanukovych.

This is not the first time Moscow has accused the US of stirring up trouble during that period. As Yanukovych was a pro-Kremlin leader, his removal from office was a setback for Putin’s regime.

As well as accusing America of organizing the coup, Putin also took aim at European countries for “weakly [supporting] it.” Putin proposed that “European security has seriously degraded” over what happened in 2014, and the resulting uptick in tensions has led to “risks of a new arms race.”

Given that arms control was one of the main talking points at the Geneva summit, this last comment is especially worrying. However, Putin also expressed his commitment to fostering greater cooperation between Russia and other world powers, mentioning the “enormous opportunities” teamwork can offer.

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