Ron DeSantis Slams Dr. Fauci

Ron DeSantis Slams Dr. Fauci

( – Dr. Anthony Fauci began the pandemic with a strong reputation. Regarded as one of the nation’s leading infectious disease experts and a likable public personality, he seemed like he was well-suited to the job of guiding us through the storm of COVID-19. However, the doctor has attracted a growing number of critics lately, and the latest is none other than Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis.

On Tuesday, September 7, Governor DeSantis was highly critical of Fauci during a press conference. He first took issue with a reporter misquoting him on his remarks about vaccination’s effect on numbers. He accepted that inoculation reduced the transmissibility of the virus but said it had not achieved herd immunity.

He then took aim at Fauci, who said in 2020 that a vaccination rate of 50% would have “an impact” on COVID-19 infection rates. DeSantis challenged Fauci’s assertions, saying vaccinations had not achieved herd immunity in the United States or the United Kingdom.

Fauci already courted controversy this week when he criticized the “disinformation” coming from people like Fox News host Tucker Carlson and podcast host Joe Rogan. Carlson spoke in defense of users of fake vaccination passports, while Rogan, a social media podcast star, shared about his use of Ivermectin to address symptoms after testing positive for COVID-19.

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