Sean Hannity Says Biden’s Order Cancels Medical Freedom

Sean Hannity Says Biden's Order Cancels Medical Freedom

( – Americans of most political leanings value their freedom. While we may differ on the proper applications of our Constitutional liberties, they remain one of the founding tenets of our government. That may be why a growing number of commentators are expressing concern about President Joe Biden’s decision regarding vaccinations and vaccine mandates. Fox News’s Sean Hannity was the latest figure to blast Biden over this issue.

Hannity Weighs In

On Thursday, September 9, Hannity responded to President Biden’s new rules requiring businesses with more than 100 employees to mandate either vaccination or regular testing for COVID-19. The commentator accused Biden of “vilifying the unvaccinated” and questioned his authority to mandate medical treatments, mockingly calling him “Dr. Biden.” He went so far as to say the new rule “cancels medical freedom.”

Estimates suggest the new system will impose obligations on around 100 million Americans. Many people working in the healthcare sector will be affected, leading to grave concerns over the continuity of essential medical services if workers object to the policies.

Republicans Also in Opposition to Biden’s Policy

Sean Hannity isn’t the only person unhappy with Joe Biden over this issue. A number of Conservative lawmakers spoke out following the president’s announcement, with many questioning the mandate’s legality under the US Constitution.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was among the high-profile GOP legislators to offer criticism. In a statement, he stressed while he favored vaccination and chose inoculation himself, he felt the “authoritarian mandate” was an overreach. He questioned the wisdom of placing such a burden on businesses during an already difficult time, adding the administration “has no authority” to pass the rule.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) went in even harder. He dismissed the new rules as “absolutely unconstitutional” in a tweet on September 9. Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-AL) also questioned the constitutionality of Biden’s policy, saying Article 2 of the nation’s founding document fails to show “anything that even remotely gives the President” the authority to require these kinds of measures.

Governor Doug Ducey (R) of Arizona was one conservative who openly aired his intention to “push back” against the president’s new rules. He said the measures amounted to “big government overreach” that was unwelcome in his state and claimed the order would “never stand up in court.”

We have entered the next chapter on vaccine mandates but, considering the level of Republican vitriol over the new rules, it’s unlikely to be the last.

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