Top US House Official Requests Info on Afghanistan Vetting Process

Top US House Official Requests Info on Afghanistan Vetting Process

( – Following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan and the US government’s questionable handling of the situation, most leaders agree we have a duty to accept some displaced Afghans. Those who worked with American forces will receive prioritization. However, certain issues may complicate the process.

On Wednesday, August 25, Rep. James Comer (R-KY), the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, issued letters imploring Homeland Security and the State Department to publish the details of the vetting process for the incoming refugees. Comer wants the authorities to share what screening procedures are currently in place for Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) applicants.

A State Department spokesperson shared that such vetting processes are in place. However, the individual declined to respond to Comer’s request, stating the Department “does not comment” on correspondence from members of Congress.

While full details of the screening process have not yet become available, we do have some idea of the checks entrants undergo. According to various Biden administration officials, the government collects biographic and biometric data from all migrants involved in the SIV program. The Pentagon’s identification system has already flagged as many as 100 visa holders with potential links to terrorist groups using this technology.

This security issue is undoubtedly sensitive. However, with the situation in the Middle East as frantic as it currently is, the Biden administration needs to make sure dangerous organizations aren’t taking advantage of the situation by getting their operatives into the US unnoticed.

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