Making Sure Your Voter Registration Is Correct

( – One of the most patriotic things a citizen can do is vote. Now, not everyone gets to vote; you have to be properly registered. If your voter registration isn’t correct at the time of voting, you won’t be able to vote, although you can make last minute changes to ensure you have the access to the polls in some areas.

Why Voter Registration Is Important

The voter registry allows the government to see the number of people eligible to vote in our elections. The registry stops non-citizens from voting as well as stopping voter fraud. The database includes everyone who has registered to vote, therefore allowing election officials to have a maximum number of votes; if the number of votes surpasses this number, they know something isn’t right. That’s why it is important to make sure your registration is correct.

Verifying Your Voter Registration

To avoid any problems in the voting process, you need to make sure your voter registration is valid and up to date. Your voter registration is your responsibility. You can check with local election officials to verify yours. If there have been any changes, such as you’ve moved or changed your name, your registration needs to be updated before you can vote.

If you move from one state to another, you’ll need to register in the state that you moved to. Now, it’s important to make sure to submit any changes before your state’s voter registration deadline; some have a deadline 30 days before an election. You can make changes online, by phone or by mail, just remember to do so before the deadline.

If you’re not sure how to contact your local election officials, but still want to verify your voter registration, you can visit, and they’ll have your answer in minutes.

Party Affiliation

There are two main parties in US elections, Democrats and Republicans. However, there are several parties in our elections. Now, you don’t have to be a part of, join or disclose your preferred party when registering. However, some states may ask you to provide this information.

Also, remember that your registered party affiliation doesn’t restrict you to only voting for people of your party; you can still vote freely. The only time your party affiliation plays a part in your vote is during primary elections, in which you can only vote for the people in your party; this typically takes place on a state level where there are “closed” primaries.

Your voter registration is important in our election process, and it’s even more important that you maintain an up-to-date registration. Make sure you have the ability to make change through your vote by making sure your voter registration is current and valid.

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