Biden’s ATF Nominee Claims To Target Corruption, but Represented White Collar Crooks

Biden's ATF Nominee Claims To Target Corruption, But Represented White Collar Crooks

Biden Nominee’s HYPOCRICY Put On Display For All To See

( – President Joe Biden has had a few issues regarding nominations, but the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) appears to be causing him particular difficulty. Biden withdrew his first nominee to head the agency, David Chipman, under duress due to the prospect’s anti-gun stances and questionable past conduct. Now, incriminating details about another Biden ATF nominee are emerging.

Steve Dettelbach ran for Ohio attorney general in 2018. During his campaign, he took a tough stance on corruption and white-collar crime. Now, however, it’s emerged that Dettelbach provided legal representation for individuals with convictions for bribery and fraud offenses.

Dettelbach worked as an Ohio US Attorney during the administration of former President Barack Obama. After leaving the public sector in 2016, he represented the three individuals in question. His involvement came to light when Dettelbach submitted his public financial disclosure report to Congress.

The white-collar criminals Dettelbach represented faced charges on offenses including wire fraud, securities fraud, conspiracy, embezzlement, and bribery. At least two of the three pleaded guilty to some charges against them. One received a 66-month prison sentence in 2018.

Do you think Steve Dettelbach’s history of working for white-collar criminals makes him an unsuitable pick for the ATF?

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