China and Russia Send Alarming Message to the White House

China and Russia Send Alarming Message to the White House

( – In recent history, the two biggest international opponents of the United States have been China and Russia. Each country has posed its own unique threat over recent decades, but we’ve never dealt with the pair as a joint force before. The situation may be about to change.

On Friday, February 4, China and Russia issued a cooperative statement to mark the beginning of the Winter Olympics in Beijing. The two countries announced a partnership for future cooperation in several issues, including climate change, space technology, policing the internet and developing artificial intelligence.

It appears China and Russia will be walking in lockstep when it comes to foreign policy, too. Russia announced it opposes Taiwan’s push for independence from Beijing and regards the sovereign island as a part of the People’s Republic of China.

Meanwhile, China said it thinks Ukraine should remain out of NATO. Also, Russian President Vladimir Putin took the opportunity to announce a new $117.5-billion gas deal between Russian producers and China.

Significantly, these announcements took place at a Chinese event the United States is boycotting for diplomatic reasons. As the threat of armed conflict in the region grows, a US State Department representative criticized Chinese President Xi Jinping for failing to take the chance to smooth over tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

Do you think this new alliance should worry us?

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