Democrat State Targets “Shade Equity” From Trees in Reparations Bill

Democrat State Targets "Shade Equity" From Trees in Reparations Bill

Democrats Invent OUTRAGEOUS New Reparations Scheme

( – California is taking steps to offer reparations to African-Americans for the injustices of slavery by planting trees in urban neighborhoods. Governor Gavin Newsome’s state now officially blames “heat islands” for rising temperatures in a new report by its Reparations Task Force. Officials claim black neighborhoods and climate change, or possibly a combination of both, for overheated inner cities. Newsom’s task force recommends some “shade equity” by putting in some new vegetation to fix the problem.

The task force contends that authorities specifically targeted black neighborhoods for eminent domain seizures when building the state’s highway system. Historically carved through less affluent sections of a city, freeway routes meant the removal of parks and most other signs of flora. The resulting areas, free from natural heat-reflecting trees, shrubs, and lawns, instead collect heat in the pavement, concrete, and other building materials.

Republican aide Marc Morano told the Daily Caller that while the report does show cities are definitely hotter, the claim that the problem somehow connects back to slavery is a perfect example of virtue signaling. The California legislature is seemingly more interested in symbolic gestures that will likely have little or no practical effect on the problem.

The Reparations Task Force doesn’t seem likely to stop there. The report aims to provide an in-depth look at how slavery impacted black Californians dating back to long before the Civil War. Surely, planting trees won’t be the last shiny object the Left dangles before its base.

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