OH Police Forced To Cut Down on Patrols Due to Gas Prices

OH Police Forced To Cut Down on Patrols Due to Gas Prices

Biden’s Gas Prices Are CRIPPLING America’s Finest

(IntegrityMag.com) – “Inflation” is the buzzword of the day right now, and the commodity cost rising fastest is gas. According to the AAA fuel price tracker, the average price for a gallon of gas in the United States at the time of publishing is just over $5. This unfortunate state of affairs has led one police department in Ohio to make a tough call regarding its budget.

On Wednesday, June 15, South Zanesville Police Chief Mark Ross told “Fox & Friends” his department has had to reduce the number of patrols it fields to comply with its fuel budget. According to Chief Ross, this state of affairs negatively impacts his community’s safety.

The department has started implementing what the chief calls “stationary patrols.” Officers park their vehicles and turn off the engine, monitoring the area while sitting in the car. They try to park the vehicles in visible areas, such as parking lots or near busy roads.

As bad as this is, the chief said it would only worsen if fuel prices keep rising. The more expensive gas gets, the fewer actual patrols his police department can undertake.

How will these effects impact areas that are already struggling with crime? Should the Biden administration do something to help police departments?

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