US Federal Agencies Warn of Possible Cyberattacks From Russia

US Federal Agencies Warn of Possible Cyberattacks From Russia

( – World leaders are currently on edge as negotiations to try to ease tensions between Russia and Ukraine continue. Commentators have repeatedly pointed to the build-up of physical military assets belonging to Russia on its Ukrainian border as a cause for concern. However, it looks like the Kremlin is currently focused more on the possibility of a digital conflict with American opponents.

On Tuesday, January 11, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the National Security Agency and the FBI issued a joint Cybersecurity Advisory. The document warns of the potential for cyberattacks by Russian operatives, detailing how critical infrastructure agencies should prepare to detect and negate such attacks.

Federal agencies have kept a close watchful eye on Russian hacking activities for a number of years now. They claim the foreign nation’s cybercriminals are engaging in more and more sophisticated strategies. Some have even developed custom malware to compromise third-party infrastructure and software. Others manage to remain present and undetected in compromised digital environments for extended periods.

It isn’t only American organizations that need to be concerned. British authorities have also reportedly been assisting Ukrainian leaders to prepare for the potential of similar cyberattacks from Russia.

Last year, Americans witnessed the incredibly destructive nature of advanced hacking attacks and the chaos they can cause. Several key economic sectors seemed woefully unprepared to fend off these assaults or address them after the fact. Will things improve in 2022?

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