Chris Wallace Flips on 1619 Project Leader Over Anti-American Attacks

Chris Wallace Flips on 1619 Project Leader Over Anti-American Attacks

( – When Chris Wallace left Fox News for the liberal pastures of CNN, conservatives may have thought they’d never hear from him again. Yet, he managed to turn some heads when he took on The 1619 Project founder Nikole Hannah-Jones over statements Wallace apparently found tone deaf. Wallace’s progressive guest admonished the Americans who fought and defeated evil in World War II in a blanket statement about an entire generation.

The Daily Wire reports that the issue the former Fox host brought to light had to do with claims from The 1619 Project. According to the project’s proponents, while the “greatest generation” may have fought their way to victory for democracy in Europe, they certainly didn’t do enough to protect the rights of African Americans here at home. Wallace took issue with his guest over her claims.

Wallace appears genuinely upset that Hannah-Jones sat in her chair with a straight face and offered commentary in support of critical race theory. Even though black Americans fought in American wars, she believes that their interests have never been served domestically. Wallace argued with her, reminding her that the young men who went off to fight the Nazis were in their 20s and 30s, an age group not typically politically involved at the time. He debated that these kids came off of farms and out of inner cities to go off and fight together.

Even though Wallace fought passionately for the issue, Hannah-Jones stuck to her guns, insisting that while Wallace may believe blacks in the 1940s were proud, patriotic Americans, their actual view of the “greatest generation” was of “black people… getting lynched.”

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