Obama Claims ‘Culture Wars’ Is Just a Conspiracy by Republicans

Obama Claims 'Culture Wars' Is Just a Conspiracy by Republicans
Obama Claims 'Culture Wars' Is Just a Conspiracy by Republicans

(IntegrityMag.com) – Former Democratic President Barack Obama made an appearance in Virginia last week as the gubernatorial race there enters its final stages. Obama was stumping for former Governor Terry McAuliffe (D), who is running for an open seat against Republican challenger Glenn Youngkin. One aspect of Obama’s speech has set a lot of tongues wagging.

Taking aim at the right-wing media, the former president claimed America didn’t have time for “phony trumped-up culture wars.” He was apparently referring to conservative efforts to push back against the social agendas of liberals, such as critical race theory. You can hear what he said for yourself in the video in the tweet below.

Obama didn’t hesitate to get his hands dirty when discussing Glenn Youngkin. He accused the Republican candidate of attempting to appease both supporters of former President Donald Trump and Virginia’s Moderate Democratic voters. Obama claimed Youngkin tries to portray himself as a down-to-earth conservative, but, in reality, he belongs to a system that wants to unravel our democracy.

Analysts believe the race between Youngkin and McAuliffe will be a close one. President Joe Biden’s approval ratings in the state are slipping, which may be fueling support for the GOP candidate.

It looks like it will all play out on November 2 at the polls.

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