The World’s Most Expensive Burger Costs $6,000


( – Everyone likes to get out for an expensive meal now and again. Sure, it can be difficult to justify dropping a day’s wages on dinner for two every weekend, but you have to treat yourself every so often, right? Whether it’s to celebrate a milestone or impress a first date, most people end up paying over the odds for their dinner at least once in a while.

Of course, when it comes to the word “expensive,” everything is relative. If you’re a fan of gourmet sandwiches and you’ve got plenty of cash in the bank, you should consider a trip to the Netherlands. In the Dutch town of Voorthuizen, restaurant owner Robbert Jan de Veen has recently begun selling the world’s most expensive burger.

Costing a whopping €5,000 (roughly $6,000), the Golden Boy contains Japanese Wagyu beef patties, buns covered in gold leaf and infused with Dom Perignon champagne, Beluga caviar, truffle cheddar, and a number of other pricey ingredients. Despite these high-end ingredients, however, De Veen insists diners should still use their hands to eat the Golden Boy, as that is “the only way to eat a burger.”

If you do decide to splash out on the burger, you’ll have to put down a $750 deposit at least two weeks in advance. De Veen intends to donate the proceeds of the Golden Boy’s sales to charity.

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